Register a Domain Name Here

Your new internet address

This is the first step towards publishing your website. A domain is your address on the internet. When someone enters your website address into a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, a request is sent to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) who then directs this request to the Domain Name Server which resolves the domain name into an IP address. The IP address is a unique string of numbers which identifies your computer as the one making the request for the website. The IP address is forwarded to the host server together with the request for the desired web page. Once the connection has been made between the host server and the requesting computer the required web page is returned – all in a matter of seconds.

Domain Management Service

Our domain management service makes the first step toward publishing your website easy! We can register your domain/s for you and ensure that you are notified well in advance of renewal dates. Registering a domain is very much like registering a business name in that the words of the name describe your business. The only point of difference is that domain names need to be chosen with relevant keywords in mind.

Having a keyword rich domain is not a major determining factor in website ranking success, however it is well worth considering. Search engines do favour keyword rich domains so to this end we will help you choose your domain and subsequent domains should you wish to protect your market share either locally or globally.

A word about Domain Scams

Domain Scammers take advantage of the perceived complexity surrounding the domain registration process and attempt to scare you into buying a bundle of domains from them using an official looking unsolicited email. There are two fundamental points to consider here: Do you trust this organisation? and do you understand their proposal?. If the answer is no to either of these questions, do not act and contact someone you trust for advice.

Protecting Market Share

Domain Scammers operate on the premise that another entity is about to rob you of your intellectual property if you don’t lock them out by bulk purchasing associated domains. If you are focusing your marketing efforts on a particular geographical zone it makes sense to purchase the various permutations of your base domain, however, this  should only be done if you are confident with the process and your supplier.