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blog photoHi and welcome¬†to the August 2015 Newsletter. If you read the July issue you may have a better insight into the software platform on which your website is built, and perhaps you’re a little more curious about the power of WordPress.

If you didn’t read the July issue¬† … WHY NOT? ūüôā Read July 2015 Newsletter now.

For those who wish to DIY

There are a number of features WordPress offers site owners who wish to take on basic editing tasks. With no programming knowledge required and a minimal learning curve, this capability is ideal for teams or individuals who need to submit basic articles and upload images.

Bear in mind, the WordPress page editing screen offers only basic tools and there may be times when you need your web developer to help out with the more complex styling tasks that crop up from time to time.

Here’s three helpful Plugins that can add value for your site visitors.

Plugins are small software programs that can be added to your site to increase functionality and improve the user experience.

  • Publishing Help
  • FAQ
  • Booking Calendar

Publishing help

Publishing Help is a list of help documents located in the admin section of your WordPress site under the link Publishing Help.¬†If you haven’t ventured into the admin section of your WordPress site yet, this is where you can manage your site with capabilities like:

  • Adding pages and/or posts
  • Uploading images to add to your articles
  • Editing text i.e. changing phone numbers, address details etc.

This is a great online resource to help you master¬†the basic operations in the admin section AKA ‘The Backend’.¬†Conversely, the¬†‘The Frontend’ is what the world sees when visiting your website. ‘The Backend’ is your private editing studio ‘The Frontend’ is your storefront.

If you don’t see Publishing Help in the admin section of your site let me know and I’ll make sure it is included.


Frequently Asked Questions has been part of web parlance since the early days of the internet and is a great way to offer your potential customers answers to their common questions. Well crafted answers and regular updates of your FAQ will show your visitors that you are genuinely interested in helping them.

As a WordPress site owner you can manage your FAQ yourself and for those of you that have access to Publishing help you can see a help document there titled Updating your FAQ

Booking Calendar

A Booking Calendar is another convenience for both site owners and their customers. A current view of booked and vacancy slots can be seen on the calendar, this makes it so much easier to schedule your appointment. These days, unfortunately there is a growing perception that telephone techniques have suffered, and “Pressing 1 for this, 2 for that” and then waiting for the recorded message to run it’s course to find that none of the suggested topics match your line of inquiry is frustrating to say the very least.

A website booking calendar eliminates this wasted time and aggravation and allows customers to book, receive email confirmation and be on their way. Stay tuned to this blog for a demo.

Mobile devices expected to exceed PC’s¬†in internet usage

Is your website mobile friendly?

Did you know 70% of Australians own either a smartphone or tablet device? and it seems that those who already own a smartphone are more likely to purchase a tablet. The ownership ratio of smartphones to tablets is around 2:1

The long term trend in mobile device usage has seen a steady increase in the last five years and business owners are beginning to wonder about the opportunity cost of not having a mobile responsive website. The page layout must look great on laptops, tablets and smart phones as well as on the trusty desktop computer screen.

This video sums it up well…

Selling products online

A client recently asked about selling¬†his products online. Geoff’s business makes wrought iron gates, fences and balustrades. The wrought iron work is¬†exquisite¬†and the products to be sold online are known as scrolls, small ornate wrought iron forgings which Geoff plans to sell to Steel workshops to compliment their product range.

Quality Product photography makes a strong statement

Quality product photography is a must if you plan to sell physical products online. Our sense of vision is arguably the most potent judgment method we have when appraising the physical attributes of a product for sale.

Wrought iron scroll by Impact Wrought IronMake it Pop!

There is simply no substitute for crisp, clear, well lit, high resolution photos when offering your goods online for sale.

Here’s our product photo of one of Geoff’s ‘C scrolls’ which opens to a large high resolution image.¬†This photo was taken using professional lighting with a normal digital camera and background removal in Photoshop.

The Call to Action

Your debut into selling your¬†products online can be as simple as placing a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button on your site and linking it to your PayPal account. PayPal is the internet’s most trusted payment gateway and this small yellow button gives buyers confidence in the merchant they are buying from.

Thanks again for taking the time to read the latest newsletter, stay tuned for the September issue and please don’t hesitate to contact me in the meantime if you have any questions at all about your website.


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Colin Gordon is the owner and proprietor of Gordon Design. He has spent over 30 years in Visual Design, firstly as a Sign writer/Mural artist and over the last 17 years as a qualified Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Portrait Artist.

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