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Colin Gordon owner at Gordon Design

Hi, and welcome to Gordon Design

Gordon Design is… me, Colin Gordon.
I build WordPress websites for small businesses and consult on digital marketing techniques to generate leads and drive sales. I am a qualified Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience in both print and web design.

So why hire me?

My website is probably not the first one you’ve seen while doing your research and if you’re tired of trendy buzzwords and marketing hype and you just want information you can understand, then you’ve landed on the right page.

I think the average business owner recognizes the BS factor and craves simple, straightforward language backed up by solid expertise.

So here's my bold claim!

I guarantee a thorough and thoughtful appraisal of your requirements and a clearly articulated proposal to get the required result.

Websites are sometimes difficult to manage even with the recent trend towards a non-techy user interface. I’m here to help those of you looking for some guidance and a path to marketing success. A quick turnaround is nice, as long as corners aren’t cut and support is readily accessible after your site is deployed.

Here’s a quote I love and a credo that governs the work I do:

“The only thing that really counts is the quality and integrity of the completed product. Very few people who see, hear or experience the finished work will know or even care how rapidly it was put together”

— Earl Nightingale

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