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WordPress is a FREE Open Source Website Publishing Platform which can be downloaded and developed to suit the style and functionality requirements of the user. You don’t need to be a programmer or web developer to own and edit your own WordPress Website. More details can be found in our article What is WordPress?

Currently around 32% of all websites use WordPress. WordPress has well and truly earned its stripes as the most popular Website Publishing Platform today. 

Check out these detailed statistics on What percentage of websites are using WordPress in 2021 provided by Techjury.net, a team of software experts that have set out to test and review all the latest software and to help end-users choose the best product for their needs. 

The content on your website needs to be efficiently managed, so you, the ‘editor in chief’ and your website users can swiftly navigate through the vast array of articles, videos, image galleries, forms and other resources available.

At the heart of your WordPress installation is a highly evolved CMS or Content Management System which has the capacity to collate and organise a huge amount of content in an intuitive and user-friendly way. 

Yes you can! But as with any new software you choose there is a learning curve. Although you don’t need to know how write or understand code, the scope of features and options within your WordPress admin interface is vast and guidance is recommended to avoid being overwhelmed. Our Maintenance & Support Plans can keep you on track and give you the peace of mind that your website is secure, is functioning as it should, and will continue to deliver strong marketing results well into the future.

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