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How Seo Helps Your Business

By Colin Gordon

Why you need a content strategy

How SEO helps your business depends on the attention given to Content Planning, Keyword Research and Search Intent. A well-planned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing Strategy can help your business website by improving your organic search engine ranking. This is vital if you want your website to generate quality leads and serve as a portal of valuable and relevant information for your site visitors.

What if there was a way to answer the public?

A way to know exactly what people were searching for? If you knew the current search terms already being used in Google you could craft your content based on those keywords and phrases and dramatically improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) for these search terms or variations of them. You can search by Language and Geographical area. This really narrows the field and removes the guess-work from keyword research.

Building authority with SEO helps your business

Building authority with SEO helps your business
Building authority as a leader in your field will generate more trust for site visitors and will, in turn, mean more conversions. this can be done by having a sound Content Strategy. Promoting quality relevant content is Google’s charter as the number one search engine, and they will reward you for feeding them properly. Good SEO helps your business

How does understanding Search Intent help your business?

What is on the minds of your potential customers when they are searching? You may think you know, but guesswork in this area can lead to disappointment. Search intent is what determines the keywords and phrases that are used to find your website’s products/services. You need to satisfy the needs of search engine users as accurately as possible.

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of editing the content of your website to maximize FREE traffic from search engines, the leading search engines being Google, Bing Yahoo and Ask.com.

Organic traffic versus Paid Advertising

This FREE traffic is also known as Organic Traffic is the most valuable channel of incoming traffic you can have. Less reliance can be placed on advertising mediums like Facebook Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising if you employ an effective SEO strategy.


Paid advertising relies on a PUSHING your message; internet users ‘stumble’ across your ad and the onus is now on you to convince them with your advertising creativity that you have the solution. There is a significant up-front cost with Paid Ads and Pay Per Click advertising can swiftly burn money if you’re not experienced in running a campaign – and then you need to hire a PPC expert to help you out of the hole you have dug for yourself.

Valuable & Relevant Content wins the day

You are simply leaving money on the table if you ignore best practices in Search Engine Optimization. It is accepted now that Google’s mission is to provide the best search experience for its users and this is achieved by an algorithm that rewards relevant and valuable content. A relevant page one match for a search query is achieved through effective SEO.

Google Search experiences exponential growth

Growth graph

How SEO helps your businessInternet Live Stats tell us that Google Searches performed today have reached 3,174,657,232 and counting at the rate of over 100,000 per second at the time of this writing.

In 2019 “Roughly half of the world’s population or 3.8 billion people use the internet every day”. These numbers are truly mind-blowing and the potential for prospering online should be self-evident if you consider how SEO can work for you. Having said that, competition is fierce and effective SEO is our best weapon in our quest to be heard in such a noisy global market place. The potential customers that you never knew existed are desperately trying to find you. You could be fulfilling their needs by showing up at the right time and place with an effective SEO strategy.

Is SEO traffic quality traffic?

Yes it is and the answer lies in undersanding the concept of PUSH and PULL marketing. Searchers are already aware they have a problem and are actively seeking the solution, these people are already primed for and receptive to a relevant solution. With an effective SEO strategy you can PULL these prospects into your shere of influence (your website).

SEO traffic is much more likely to convert because SEO generated leads are backed by search intent and this is why the worth of the SEO industry is approaching 80 Billion in 2019.

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  1. This sounds helpful Colin. I am involved in breaking into the online marketing and came across this while doing some friends research of AXSHS friends. It’s a very interesting & informative article. This sounds like something we will benefit greatly from. Cheers Janet Albin… class of ’77

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