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How to purchase a domain name and hosting

By Colin Gordon

Registering a domain name and Choosing Website hosting are the first steps to getting your website online, and we take care of this for you by combining both of these tasks into Convenient Website Membership Packages which add additional benefits to your Web Development path. Registering a domain name is easy; you can check the availability then register your preferred domain by going to our Domain Name Checker.

Gordon Design is an Accredited Domain Name & Web Hosting provider and our goal is to help you stake your claim on the internet as quickly and easily as possible. For a limited time, our membership plans offer FREE domain registration for the first year.

What’s in a name?

Choosing the right domain name can have a big impact on your business as you grow and develop your brand. A well-conceived domain name is the first thing visitors to your website see, and should really be thought of as the nucleus of your web presence.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a domain name

Your domain will build brand equity as your business grows. Changing an established domain name can negatively affect your branding and SEO ranking, so think carefully about choosing the right domain the first time.

Domain name extensions

You may find that the domain name extensions you’re using in your search are showing results for already registered domains. If this happens you can opt for a different domain name extension which is still eligible in your jurisdiction. The system will show you alternatives using the first part of your domain coupled with available options using alternative Domain name extensions.

Brand protection using Different Domain name extensions

A domain extension is the part of your domain after the dot, i.e. .com .com.au, .net.au etc. Brand protection is a strategy that involves registering the same domain using different domain name extensions. Once you capture the variants of your domain name, your business becomes insulated from competition where new-comers register the same name with a different extension.

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