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What Is a Landing Page?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a separate standalone web page which is designed specifically to prompt visitors to take a particular action. Landing pages contain a CALL TO ACTION which asks the user for their email address in exchange for a benefit. This could be an offer to join an email list, or to directly make a purchase. Visitors arrive or ‘land’ on this page as a result of clicking on a link in a promotional email or by following the link in a Google Pay-per-click Ad or any other online advertising like Facebook or Google Banner Ads.


Landing pages are an excellent marketing tool as they are a direct response to a particular desire of your website visitor. Something has sparked their interest and your landing page is a direct response to that enquiry.

What is a marketing funnel

web marketing funnel

Picture your lead generation process as a funnel through which raw material is filtered. The end goal is to uncover hot leads; those who need your product or service… just like panning for GOLD.

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