What is an SSL Certificate?

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In July 2018 Google implemented a warning policy for websites that do not use an SSL Certificate. This then prompted the question Are SSL Certificates Free? Having an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is important if you’re accepting sensitive details from customers like credit card information and personal details. We offer a FREE SSL Certificate to securely encrypt your data.

I’m not selling anything – do I still need an SSL Certificate?

Although your site may not be handling transactions and you may not see the need for SSL, your site visitors would still see a rather scary warning message from Google if an SSL Certificate is not installed on your server.
You can relax knowing that Gordon Design has made website security and the handling of sensitive client information a priority by providing a FREE SSL Certificate on our host server.

The answer to the question Are SSL Certificates Free? depends on whether or not you require a more sophisticated service for your transactions and data in general. Varying levels of commercial facilities can be offered by Premium grade SSL certificates. Our FREE SSL Certificate, however, is perfectly fine to get you started with an E-commerce site or simply just to give you and your site visitors peace of mind that your site is secured by end-to-end encryption.

What is End-to-End Encryption and is it available with FREE SSL Certificates?

End to End encryption is the hallmark of SSL certificates and is an internet connection method where only the two users communicating can read the data transmitted. Encryption can be described as jumbling up the data transmitted to that it is indecipherable by a third party. This ensures that the ‘tunnel’ through which the users are communicating is secure.

Inspire Confidence With The Lock Icon

Are SSL Certificates Free? https secure website address displayed in address bar
With an SSL Certificate your site will display the HTTPS (‘S for Secure’) instead of the old HTTP protocol.


SSL Certificates are part of a new paradigm of internet security and are integral to giving users the confidence to not only perform transactions online but to avoid nefarious websites.

Complying with Security requirements for your website can become a burden given the rising tide of hackers online these days. Our FREE SSL Certificates will give you and your users peace of mind and please Google at the same time. Google favours websites that care about security and boost their ranking as a result.

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