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Why Online Marketing is Important

deliver value • build trust • stay relevant



Having a great looking website is just part of the overall marketing strategy. To attract loyal customers you’ll need to build trust by giving them what they want and need.

Create value

Search Engines have evolved to a point where they can recognise quality content even though they employ the use of an algorithm in the selection process. Visitors to your website want and need to solve a problem and if you don’t recognise their pain points and deliver a solution they’ll soon leave.

Your content needs to be compelling yet empathetic and not just a flash in the pan – you need to be consistent with your output. 

Build a list

Without doubt the most effective companion to a quality blog is Email Marketing. Few relationships are started without ‘Breaking the Ice’ first and by building an email list of subscribers you can nurture your followers and guide them gently towards making a purchase.


You have your own unique talents and skills and nurturing your audience with meaningful content to help them learn and grow is the essence of education.
As business owners we very often undervalue our skills and expertise or cannot see how we can even find the time to produce content.

We can help you produce quality content that resonates with your niche market.


Broadcasting multiple emails to your various lists with one click can be an awesome productivity boost to your business. Automation is a fundamental feature of Online Marketing that allows you to Schedule the delivery of blog post notifications and direct emails. This can really streamline your marketing.

Personalised lead magnets

Emails can be thoughtfully designed with a Call To Action or an attached gift like an E-book or special offer given in exchange for an email address. These emails can be automatically addressed in bulk using the first name of your subscriber for that personal touch.


Email delivery programs can be configured to segment your lists into sub-lists based on the recipient’s behaviour. This is a great way to gauge interest and therefore direct your marketing efforts only where they are most needed.


Your email marketing campaigns can be analysed within the email delivery program to show which of your subscribers have clicked a link in your email, opened the email, not opened it or unsubscribed from the list. This is all powerful intelligence for your marketing campaigns.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a very efficient marketing tool. A landing page is simply a dedicated web page containing a specific offer with a Call to Action. A landing page can be used to garner email addresses or solicit direct sales.

Boost your SEO with a killer marketing strategy

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