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What is a Content Management System

By Colin Gordon

WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is a Software Framework for building dynamic websites. This type of site draws information from a built-in Database.

The database is the heart of what is known as a Content Management System, and WordPress has developed a strong reputation as the world leader in CMS Design. WordPress began as a simple blogging platform where friends and colleagues wrote ‘weblogs’… that’s a log published on the web. The term weblog evolved to the now shortened version ‘blog’. Static websites which were later called brochure websites began to incorporate blogs, then image galleries, then forums until now WordPress has put all these features and more together to deliver the most popular Website Development and Management System on the internet.

WordPress setup

Many people don’t have the time for the technical side of a WordPress setup. To many it seems like an unnecessary burden especially when they’re attending to other critical business setup tasks.

Our ‘Done-for-you’ Bronze Membership starter plan eliminates the technical stumbling blocks most business people experience when making their debut on the internet.

WordPress admin

There are two parts to a WordPress website a new website owner needs to know about: The WordPress admin (back-end) and the Front-end, which the world sees.

The admin section is not accessible to the public. It gives you a fantastic amount of control as an advanced user without having to master any programming skills. The BRONZE membership plan allows you to bypass the technical setup (WordPress installation, hosting, domain registration — all done for you). You’ll then be free to concentrate on learning the WordPress Admin and building your skills as a website manager.

WordPress tutorial

The Wordpress tutorial video included in your membership shows you the basics and for further development of your skills, you’ll find some premium paid how-to videos.

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