Website maintenance plans Perfect for small businesses



Ideal for startups and entrepreneurs looking for essential online solutions to boost their web presence.

Website & Email Hosting

Staging server

Daily Backups

Performance checks (On demand)

Security monitoring (On Demand)

WordPress Core Update

Website Design Feedback

Scheduled Updates to plugins and themes

Minor Content Updates*

Client Reports

Support Time 60 minutes - (Does not rollover)

Free SSL Certificate

Cancel anytime, no long term contracts




Perfect for growing businesses, designed to boost engagement and foster expansion.

Everything available to the starter plan plus the following...

Support Time 2 hours - (Does not rollover)

Scheduled CMS Assistance (1 hour/month)

Free WordPress Site Migration

Monitoring of SEO Ranking

exclusive content

Google Analytics Setup

Cancel anytime, no long term contracts



Suited for well-established brands or businesses looking for specialized support and features.

Everything available to the starter & Business plans plus the following...

Priority Query Assistance

Cancel anytime, no long term contracts

WordPress Training Tutorials

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with Our Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

One stop solution

Our plans combine website hosting and an email server for your convenience. Keep it simple from hosting to regular updates, get everything managed under one roof.

*For tasks requiring in-depth development or extensive design alterations, a separate quotation will be provided. These tasks go beyond regular maintenance and often demand dedicated time and resources to ensure top-tier quality and functionality. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to delivering the best for your website.

Avoiding monthly website maintenance could inadvertently be burning money. Website glitches can repel visitors, often resulting in them not returning. Surprisingly, numerous website owners overlook the importance of routinely reviewing their site’s functionality. Unnoticed website complications or outages can cause potential customer losses.

Similar to other software applications, websites need maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Skipping website maintenance is like neglecting regular oil changes for your car. You wouldn’t go far in your car without taking care of its maintenance, right? Well, the same goes for your website. It should always be up and running, welcoming customers and showcasing your business at its best.

The Upside of Regular Maintenance

The advantages of routine site maintenance are often overlooked:
The site’s performance criteria, including loading time, uptime and downtime, all hinge on the WordPress software and plugins functioning optimally and being up-to-date.
The website’s expansion, new content addition, analytics monitoring, and design modifications all rely on a dedicated individual ensuring all updates are implemented seamlessly and without error.

Maintenance Procedures

At Gordon Design, we prioritize backing up the website and inspecting it post-updates for any irregularities. Our software logs all plugin updates, enabling us to identify and revert any changes that might cause issues. Our monthly maintenance report incorporates performance evaluations and security scans. Should a plugin issue arise, we’ll convert it into a support ticket and rectify the problem before you even become aware.

Unforeseen expenses

Taking website maintenance into your own hands can result in unforeseen expenses. Simply updating from your WordPress admin doesn’t provide a track record of changes. If a plugin update causes a problem, identifying and reverting the change without resorting to an outdated backup (risking the loss of recent content, sales orders, contact entries, and more) can be challenging.

Preventive Care is Cheaper Than Repair

Lack of knowledge and neglect can compromise your website’s aesthetics and functionality. When this happens, you’re faced with a choice. Attempting a DIY fix might lead to additional issues. Hiring a professional to mend the damage can come with a substantial price tag. Just as regular oil changes keep your car running smoothly, routine site maintenance ensures your website operates efficiently.

Hire a Specialist

Why not stick to your area of expertise and let us handle ours? Would you represent yourself in court without a lawyer? Then why attempt to maintain your website without professional expertise? By hiring a seasoned web professional to update and maintain your site, you’re safeguarding against the potential loss of sales and visitors.
If you’re considering a maintenance contract for your website, contact us to find out how we can keep your site functioning optimally.

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Unlocking the Power of Premium Plugins:

Premium plugins are the secret tools that can elevate a website from good to great. Here's why they're worth considering:

In essence, while there are costs involved, the benefits of premium plugins - in terms of features, support, and overall quality - can significantly enhance the website's functionality and user experience, making it a worthwhile investment for those aiming for the best.